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Nate Kravetsky

Thanks for visiting my site! Hopefully you ended up here because you are looking to either buy or sell a house. If so…good news! I’m Nate Kravetsky, a realtor who is looking forward to helping you with all your real estate needs! Allow me to show you that I am dedicated to putting in the work for my clients to ensure that they are able to make confident and informed decisions. Open communication is very important to me, which is why I work for my clients 24/7, answering any and all questions.

In terms of my real estate interests, I've worked all over Alberta, and I mainly work in Calgary and area and Edmonton and area.

A few brief points about me, I prefer:

  • Phone calls to emails
  • Late nights to early mornings
  • Basketball to all other sports
  • Wine to beer

I am passionate about my work as a realtor and involvement in my community. As a former teacher, education and learning is important to me. And even more important to me is passing on my knowledge of basketball to the next generation, as both a volunteer basketball coach and founder of Applesauce Basketball Academy.



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